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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I couldn't help myself.

Even though I'm pretty sure this place is dead, this thing is definitely kaabs worth.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006



So, as I was talking to the Baileymeister, I decided I'd revive this community at least for one post!

I even drew you guys a picture that is exclusive to Kaabs.  Never before seen!


Friday, February 17, 2006


Since I'm still a good, stubborn person, I shall once again update this Godforsaken community again. I was brushing my teeth yesterday and remembered some thingies I drew in the summer.

They're all Halo, since I was watching my brother play Halo when I drew them.

Halo-cartooninessCollapse )

Yeah. I'm done now.


PS: Happy Birthday Billie Joe Armstrong!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

7:55PM - Collaboration!

Okay, now for the amazing collaboration of Kelly and Amanda.

Basically, we took turns drawing until we had Teh 1337.

Tell us, what's wrong with this picture?


That's all for me now.


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Thursday, February 2, 2006

11:14AM - More banners =(

Hello Kaabers. Today I will be drawing something other than nothing...which is good because I'm getting sick of making banners and icons, believe it or not.

But even so, I bring:

bannersCollapse ) And a coolio little something I made last night out of sheer boredom, and the fact that Brad the Bird 4 will have to wait. *cries*. And also another three little somethings that I made one day with not intention of what they were for. Any suggestions?

Yes, I am done. But I will be back probably later today.


Wednesday, February 1, 2006

5:03PM - Pictures and messages

Okay. I'm going to make a second attempt at this. If you don't want to be a part of this anymore, just unjoin so I'm not under the false impression that you're still in this.

You may have noticed I'm stubborn and not willing to kill Kaabs yet. Well...of course not. But we're not going to get anywhere without determination.

Blailey, you need to end your contest I believe, if you even still care.

Okay...now for the lighter part of my post.

under hereCollapse )
Okay, now I'm done.

No arguments please.


Sunday, January 29, 2006


Hi Kaabs! Tis me, Smantie!

Risk it?
Read more...Collapse )

Friday, January 27, 2006

2:58PM - To the rescue?

I will now make a hopeless attempt to bring it back alive (again!)!

With a series of pictures I find while sifting through my folders.

Unda da cutCollapse )
Don't let Kaabs die, people!


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Saturday, January 14, 2006

11:56AM - Voila

Boredom is an amazing thing. I get inspiration from it.

incoming!Collapse )

Okay. All done.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Some random Smantie-doodles, also posted on KillingJar, so Caesar may have seen them...

Under hereCollapse )

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Since everyone is being grumpy bumpys, I'll tell you not to with this nice little drawing.

Caesar's public announcementCollapse )
I am done.


Current mood: NOT emo.


Not sure if this is a good time to post, but I got Oh So Bored during the Revision Session Of Doom, and drew up a little sketch that I may use as a banner to promo KAABs... and I figured I'd best ask opinions/permission first :)

Under here...Collapse )

Friday, January 6, 2006

3:17PM - Harry Potter Fun-ness

I posted these on Killing Jar, so Smantie's seen them.

But since we all, well, most of us *cough*CASSIE*cough*, love Harry Potter, I'd post these babies.

Tada! A CUT!Collapse )


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General Studies + Bored Smantie + Pencil + Paper = CRITTER!

May be slightly huge, but it's kinda cute so it balances out :)Collapse )

1:47AM - Banner Codes ... Making everyone's lives that much easier

I'm clogging up your F-lists, I know. Please forgive me. I'm posting this to make HTML/CSS illiterate people or lazy people like me able to link to KAABs using our banners.

Bear with me.

Banner CodesCollapse )

It's two in the morning and I'm kind of NOT awake so if anything is wrong, email me or comment on the most recent entry or something and let me know. I'll fix it ASAP.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

6:51PM - Shoot me please.

My Potter/Armstrong FrankenstienCollapse )

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...Collapse )

8:36PM - So... *shuffles feet*

*Stands up and clears throat*
Hi... I'm Smantie, and I've just joined. My real name is irrelevantSammy, and I am 17.58 years old. And I doodle random stuff.

Oh, and I messed around in photoshop, and here's my attempt at Billie-Joe Potterstrong

Warning: absolutely godawfulCollapse )


I'll act modley(word?) and post something. I was bored today. So I searched on google for something to colour.

We all know my computer colouring skills aren't the bestCollapse )

And now for..

Life lessons with CaesarSaladCollapse )

Okay. I'm done.


Wednesday, January 4, 2006

10:54PM - Some dance to remember, some to forget. Why do YOU dance?

Bit of randomness for you there ^

I kinda don't want to post right now because I'm kinda tired and wanting to read depressing fanfics because that's what I do after eleven at night, but see, I love you KAABs people so much that I have to.

Did I mention that _caesarsalad_ (Amanda) will kill me if I don't?

Anyways, I was going to post some meaningless crap but my scanner konked out on me after I decided I'd rather use Adobe Photoshop to edit my images after scanning instead of MS Publisher. Apparently my scanner and MSP are in cahoots, because it wasn't working after that.

So I was IM'ing Amanda today and I said, "Dude, we need to advertise more." So she made these lovely banners which are small and easy to place in forum siggys (hint, hint, HINT):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You know the drill. Save and upload to photobucket or whatever have you. You steal my bandwidth and I kill you. And I think that we should introduce some sort of promotional device, so I'm going to say that if we get any new members in a month, whoever referred them gets to introduce the next contest, because, really, who doesn't love posting and judging contests?

Speaking of contests, I now introduce the "MAKE BILLIE JO (e?) LOOK LIKE HARRY POTTER"

Okay, random. But kalada once said, "Wow, you know what? Billie Joe (no e?) looks like Harry Potter". So I challenge you to take this picture of Billie Joe and make it resemble this picture of Dan Radcliffe. (And you better appreciate my searching ... I found this on a page that went from English to Thai halfway through. Now I practically speak fluent Thai ...)

Anyway, go ahead! Give it a shot! I think I may try this one too ... just as an example, you know. It'll be fun, and who knows, if you don't like either of them, here's your chance to make fun of them.

And to our newer members who haven't yet posted ... please, do! We'd love to hear about you, introduce yourself, tell us what you like, where you heard about us, you know, things like that. Honestly, whenever we get a new member, whoever is online is automatically greeted with a "OMGSQUEE, KAABS GOT A NEW MEMBER" which is replied to with, "NO WAY OMG WHO IS IT?!"

So post. Make us happy =D Make yourself happy. Join your friendly, neighbourhood KAAB station.

Oh, and I've been wondering ... would a forum help create community, would you guys use it or would it just be another thing taking up space?

Right, for the next contest, which will begin on Feb. 1st because we need time for this one ;), I tag _caesarsalad_ (Amanda).

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